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The Emerging Leaders Program

Our Story

Starting in 2018 as an initiative of CCCVaT (Christian Community Churches Victoria and Tasmania), the Emerging Leaders Program has been on a journey of refinement to enable us to confidently launch the program across churches and states in 2020.

Initiated as a response to the growing divide between the importance of academic study vs the practicalities of ministry, and the desire to see disciple-making movements launched in all church and community contexts, this program seeks to bridge this gap. This is accomplished by supporting churches and organisations to develop their emerging leaders both academically and practically, without requiring the participant for longer than 15 days face-time per year. Through offering a supportive studying option as an online cohort, and selected practical training with coaching and mentoring, participants are developed as disciple-making, movement building leaders for their local church and community.

How you ask?... well read on...


The Emerging Leaders program is an opportunity for Emerging Leaders to establish their leadership now and impact their future ministry.

The focus throughout this Emerging Leaders program is to equip current emerging leaders in ministry to 'think' movements, to 'live' as disciple-makers, and 'be' Kingdom-minded. We are passionate about seeing generations of disciple-making movements in all church and community contexts be launched.

There are no limits as to what ministry areas you may be involved in as the program is individually tailored yet the process is structured. The Emerging Leaders program helps you discover and identify your passions and calling, and equips you to be successfully launched into ministry.

For more information, contact us and we would love to have a chat.

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Early Training Photo
Early Training Photo

Our Team


Ministry Director

Andy, in consultation with others, created The Emerging Leaders Program. His heart is to see leaders of all generations, equipped, trained and launched as disciple-making movement leaders into all networks and communities. 

Andy is married to Rachel, and together they have four daughters. He is a sports lover, coffee drinker and music dabbler. 



Local Churches

We are seeing an increasing number of local communities partnering with The Emerging Leaders Program to create personalized leadership pathways within their own contexts. If this interests you, we would like to connect with you and begin the process of partnering with your church community to equip and empower disciple-making leaders.


Facilitator / Coach

We have a growing number of practitioners, facilitators and coaches who support the program and have a heart to invest in and develop emerging leaders. If this sounds like you, contact us and see how you could get involved.

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