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Foundational Ministry Training

Get Inspired

Welcome to our premier program for emerging leaders. This 2-year pathway is designed to equip you with the skills to become a successful leader, impacting both your current and future ministry.
Throughout the program, we will focus on cultivating a mindset that aligns with Jesus' teachings, living authentically as a disciple-maker, and having a Kingdom-oriented approach to everything you do. Our core trainings, SHIFTm2M and MyFriends, will help you establish a firm foundation in Christ's teachings and understand the qualities He expects from His followers.
In your first year, you will embark on a thorough and captivating journey through the gospels, gaining insights into Jesus' disciple-making movement principles and applying them to your ministry context. In your second year, you will receive training and coaching on developing a lifestyle that creates opportunities for your family, friends, neighbours, and community to discover God's story.
With ongoing coaching throughout the program, our hope is that you will develop a disciple-making lifestyle and launch movements of disciple-making through your leadership and ministry. We invite you to apply or partner with us in developing emerging leaders who embody Jesus' teachings.


As with all of our programs, the up-front cost of $1500.00 is required per year.  However, for those who chose the academic study option instead of the Leadership Competencies option, the only requirement is a commitment to the 2-year program and payment of the fees associated with ACOM*.


 The Foundational Ministry Training program includes the following;

  • Coaching

  • Training (SHIFTm2M & MyFriends)

  • Retreats ** 

  • EL Workshops

  • Study (dependent upon the study option that you chose) 


The Foundational Ministry Training program requires the following of you;

  • Minimum monthly meetings with a Mentor

  • Ministry Placement (minimum 2 days per week recommended)

  • Participation in all elements of the program

  • Actively engage in all elements of your study requirements

  • Honesty, integrity, a teachable heart, and a willingness to apply what you learn.

*   If you withdraw during the program, a withdrawal fee will apply

** This cost MAY NOT include flights or travel incurred as a result of attendance or other requirements associated with the program.

Collaborative Learning Cohort

Throughout the trimester, we meet fortnightly (on Zoom) and explore what we are learning and wrestling with through our studies that we are partaking in. With a focus on application throughout these meetings, we look to make the connections from our head, to our heart and hands as leaders.


The training dates will be available in the welcome pack for each year, with all first year participants in any program, participating in SHIFTm2M and second year participants, in MyFriends Trianing. With various gathering places around Australia, 9 training days (SHIFTm2M) and 4 training days (MyFriends) throughout the year, and coaching to help with the application process; it is always an amazing journey.

Retreat's & workshops

With the annual retreat being held in Melbourne (February), it is a great opportunity to kick start your year with others in community. Where as, the EL workshops (August) is be an opportunity for you and others in your networks, to be equipped and engaged, with various gathering places around Australia. 


With a focus on the head, heart and hands; you will receive at least seven coaching sessions per year. Three of these will be structured throughout the year as a more general coaching session, with others focussing specifically on the application of our core training focus for the year. 

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