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Our focus is on developing leaders for ministry, mission, and all areas of life within the local church. Whether you're pursuing a career in ministry, interested in starting a church, or called to serve in any other role in society, our leadership competencies are designed to meet your needs.


We've identified four levels of leadership, and for each level, we've developed eight core units. Additionally, we offer a variety of leadership electives, ranging from ministry-specific modules to broader leadership topics.


If you're a church leader interested in implementing our competencies within your community, our program is specifically designed to create and support leadership pathways within the local church. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals.

If you are uncertain, we encourage you to apply now, through your application process, we will meet with you to discuss and pathway you towards your best study option.

Leadership Competencies:

Below is a list of the core leadership competencies that we have identified. Each core has a corresponding online module that can be accessed at your level of leadership identified through the application process.

Leadership Competencies Overview
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