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Join The Emerging Leaders Program as we discover a way for us as individuals, and those we lead, to become disciplemakers with those in our streams of life (families, friends, neighbours and colleagues).


MyFriends are passionate about giving Australians the opportunity to know Jesus personally. The MyFriends training helps everyday Christians develop a lifestyle that creates opportunities for their friends and family to discover God's story together. By providing a coaching community that intentionally prays, loves, cares, and shares Jesus with their non-churched friends, family, and colleagues; we're trusting that Australians will experience Jesus and be ready to discover God's story together, in their own communities.

MyFriends is designed specifically for a post-modern, millennial, non-churched, western culture. Having originated in Switzerland and now launched in Australia, MyFriends is bearing fruit of new believers and multiplying groups.

At The Emerging Leaders Program, we look to equip and train leaders who authentically 'live'  a lifestyle of disciple-making like Jesus did...


this is a training opportunity not to be missed.

A Typical MyFriends Training

Although the principles of the MyFriends Lifestyle are simple, it takes time for these to become natural habits. For this reason we slow the training down so it takes three to five months to complete.

All the groups participating in your Learning Community gather (in-person or online) with other small groups each month to learn the MyFriends Lifestyle (this is often referred to as the training days). In the weeks between each Learning Community, you meet with your group to Grow, Coach, and Go (this may be seen as your small group/Bible study group that are all doing the training together). The leaders of these groups are supported through coaching as they intern, coach and facilitate others they are journeying with.

It is easier to develop a MyFriends Lifestyle if you have three to five friends who are going through the training with you. This will allow you to form a local MyFriends peer coaching group where you can help one another live this lifestyle during and after the formal training rounds.

You will have the opportunity to interact with other participants through instant messaging - to share prayer and praise points, ask questions, and encourage one another.

In short, you do not journey this path yourself, but in a community that is being trained, coached and facilitated to help you establish in your life, a MyFriends Lifestyle.

MyFriends Process Image

focused group training

We will nominate a focus group for each of the training cohorts that we run. This is not an exclusive group but rather a recognition that the training will be targeted and focused towards this group.

2023 Training


If you are wanting to see yourself, your leaders or the community you are leading to participate in MyFriends training, enquire now!

*note - the training is spread out over 4 days, as such, attendance at all 4 days is needed. This can be modified when training a whole team or community.

hear about future training

We would love to have a conversation or just keep you up to date with all future training. The best way to do this is through our contacts page. We look forward to hearing from you.

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