All resources that we produce or make available, are free of charge. We hope that through these resources and other leadership insights that you will be further equipped and encouraged in your development as a leader who makes disciple-makers and develops ministry movements.



We have collated a number of video's, some EL Program video's, and others that we have found useful. Please, if using the video, acknowledge the original source for where the video is from.



These articles are all written for, or in partnership with the Emerging Leaders Program and as such, we can offer them free of charge. We hope that you are encouraged, challenged and better resourced to continue to lead disciple-making movements.

  • Specifically relevant for the CCC movement, this article explores the expressions of local church, the characteristics of a healthy church and effective methods to plant and grow healthy churches.

  • Jesus cultivated a movement of disciplemaking which continued beyond His ascension to heaven. SHIFTm2M is a process by which Christian leaders walk through the span of Jesus’ life to learn from His movement building and to apply the principles to their lives – to intentionally shift from doing ministry to cultivating movements.  The purpose of this overview of the book of Acts is to explore how the early apostolic church cultivated the movement building of Jesus.

  • This paper, also presented at a GYI Forum, looks hard at the role of suffering in leadership and how Jesus responded to it. I Peter 2:21 tells us that Jesus left us a pattern to follow in suffering, and Dr. Spader addresses that from his understanding of the Life of Christ. A special section addressing the role of Jesus suffering as being “progressive, complete, and weighty”, has proven to be very helpful for many in a fresh understanding of Jesus’ humanity. Again, this paper is written with discussion questions, making it a great staff development tool.

  • Dann Spader has grown several ministries through the multiplication phase and multiplied Sonlife Classic to thousands of leaders on every continent. In this article he discusses 9 biblical principles and 8 practical realities in allowing multiplication to happen.  Quoting from the business community as well as the Scriptures, this article is written to allow staff discussion and interaction.


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