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Join The Emerging Leaders Program as we explore a disciple-making framework centred on a case study of Jesus' ministry focusing on His movement building principles. As we look to equip and train leaders who 'think' movements like Jesus did, this is a training opportunity not to be missed.


SHIFTm2M groups are coordinated by trained facilitators who help you wrestle with the realities of implementing what you discover about movement building in your own life and ministry context. 

This is not an effort to prescribe a 'model' of doing ministry that you can take and plant over your old style. SHIFTm2M is a journey to discover the foundation of what Christ is calling leaders to be and what efforts He asks leaders to build into as His followers.

Centred around the gospels, SHIFTm2M incorporates times of study, training, discussion, and evaluation. There are nine days of content usually split over a 9 months period.

There is preparation to do before each retreat. This is primarily working through Knowing Him, a 50-day chronological study through the life of Christ. This is facilitated using a Harmony of the Gospels which presents Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John in parallel with events in the life of Christ presented in chronological order. Each study is supplemented by a podcast and most days have a video shot on location in Israel unpacking more about geography and historical context.

It's on this foundation of a slow, thorough, and fascinating study through the gospels that your facilitator will help you unpack Jesus' disciple-making movement principles and apply them to your ministry context. During SHIFTm2M, you’ll study movement-building principles from the life of Christ which have been used by thousands of leaders globally.


Training Materials and Preparation

After registering for a SHIFTm2M group, you will receive the Movement Building manual, Knowing Him study guide (including a USB drive with the Knowing Him supplemental podcasts and videos), Harmony of the Gospels, and a copy of 4 Chair Discipling by Dann Spader.

Participants are asked to complete the first 5 Knowing Him studies along with reading the first two chapters and Appendix 2 of 4 Chair Discipling before the first retreat. For this reason, we recommend that you register well before your first retreat so you have time to prepare.

focused group training

We will nominate a focus group for each of the training cohorts that we run. This is not an exclusive group but rather a recognition that the training will be targeted and focused towards this group.


Melbourne / Hybrid

Retreat #1: Mon 18th - Tue 19th March

Retreat #2: Tues 14th May; Tues 28th May; Tues 11th June.

Retreat #3: Tues 20th Aug; Tues 3rd Sept

Retreat #4: Mon 28th - Tues 29th Oct

hear about future training

We would love to have a conversation or just keep you up to date with all future training. The best way to do this is through our contacts page. We look forward to hearing from you.

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