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All resources that we produce or make available, are free of charge. We hope that through these resources and other leadership insights that you will be further equipped and encouraged in your development as a leader who makes disciple-makers and develops ministry movements.



We have collated a number of video's, some EL Program video's, and others that we have found useful. Please, if using the video, acknowledge the original source for where the video is from.

Evangelism Like Jesus

Evangelism Like Jesus

Tina Waldrom speaks with Andy Hodgson about Evangelism Like Jesus. This is a grab from an extended interview with Andy. Andy trains people to do mission like Jesus. He is the Ministry Director of the Emerging Leaders Program and believes that evangelism should be something that flows with effortless ease. Jesus modelled this type of evangelism; it was natural and relaxed for Him to engage with the world around him. Jesus modelled a life of reaching others as He went about His everyday life. Andy talks about the keys and pathways, so that every believer can be involved with Evangelism Like Jesus. Andy Hodgson has years of experience and leads by example. He comes from a home, where his father Bill, championed the need to model mission, on the life of Jesus. Andy’s focus on the ministry of Jesus, as the foundation for evangelism, is strong, well-articulated and highlighted through the many stories he tells. The illustrations he shares, bring home the truths of what he highlights in this interview. In this episode, Andy talks about the necessary foundations that ultimately set people up to participate in Evangelism Like Jesus. He talks about some practical tools and ways to develop the necessary traits of Jesus, for effective outreach. Becoming what you want to multiply in life, is a strong focus of the training through The Emerging Leaders program. Having a solid understanding of how to do mission is important, having the tools to implement that knowledge is vital. Andy talks about both in this enlightening interview. ***You can listen to the full interview at