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The Emerging Leaders Program

Matt 9:37

The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few...

The Emerging Leaders Program is an opportunity for leaders to establish their leadership now and impact their future.

The focus throughout this process is to equip current leaders to 'think' movements as Jesus did, to 'live' authentically as disciple-makers, and to 'be' Kingdom-minded. 
We are passionate about seeing generations of disciple-making movements launched in all church and community contexts as a result of this program.

As we focus on partnering and empowering the local church through our resources and structures, there are no limits as to what ministry area you may be involved in as the program is individually tailored yet the process is structured. The Emerging Leaders Program helps churches create leadership pathways so that you discover and identify your passions and calling, and equips you to be successfully launched and supported in leadership.

What is Involved?

With retreats, workshops, practical training, online study and learning cohorts, coaching and mentoring all on offer, there are a number of ways that we can partner with you whether you are exploring on behalf of your church or community, or as an individual leader.


For specific information, whether you are exploring a partnership as a church or as an individual, click on the relevant partnership option below and you can learn more about how we can partner with you in your context. 



Latest News & Upcoming Events

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