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I am an individual looking for a leadership program

The Emerging Leaders Program is an opportunity for emerging leaders to establish their leadership now and impact their future ministry.

The focus throughout the program is to equip current emerging leaders in ministry to 'think' movements as Jesus did, to 'live' authentically as disciple-makers, and to 'be' Kingdom-minded. 

As an individual participant, you will be engaged in one of our programme options below. We value community and learning as a cohort and as such, you will participate in your leadership development with others. This will be your learning community for the time you are with us. 

You are also required to be actively participating in a leadership role within your church or community. This can be varied, but as our learning cohorts focus on reflection and application in the context that we are called, this is a requirement of all individual participants.


If you have any questions or would like to connect and find out more CLICK HERE  otherwise, explore what programmes are available to you below and begin your application.

What are the Programs:

These are our programs that are running simultaneously:

  1. Leadership Development - Lead Like Jesus (1 year)

  2. Foundational Ministry Training (2 years)

  3. Complete Ministry Training (4 years)

  4. Church Planters Cohort (2 years) - Starting in 2023!

Study Options:

We understand the importance of education, but we also recognize that there isn't a one-size-fits-all approach to studying. That's why we offer both accredited (via our partnership with ACOM) and non-accredited (our Leadership Competencies) options. Both options have been carefully designed with specific pathways to ensure that our values, desired outcomes, and focus on preparing you for your calling are not compromised but rather enhanced. When choosing a study option that supports your leadership development, we encourage you to explore both options or contact us for assistance in determining which one is best for you.



Expression of interest

The expression of interest is given to the Emerging Leaders Coordinator. This can be done through a partner church or ministry organisation. Alternatively, send an email now by clicking here


Initial application forms

Complete the initial Application Forms. This is to aid the next step in the application process. Click here if you would like to start this process now.


Discernment process

A process to discern someone’s suitability to undertake the program will take place over a period of time which will begin with an initial meeting.


Formal application forms

Through the discernment process, indicate which EL program you will apply for. This will be through consultation as you complete the remaining formal application forms.


Provisional acceptance

At this stage, you have received provisional acceptance into the Emerging Leaders Program. All that is left is for everything to be processed which can take up to a month. 

Don't Miss Out!

Connect with us now and start the process of investing in your leadership journey!

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