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I am a church leader looking to partner and create a local leadership pathway.

The Emerging Leaders Program desires to partner with the local church through empowering localised leadership development pathways. This is an opportunity for churches to establish their leaders now in their local context and broader community, as well as, impacting their future leaders.

Our focus is on developing leaders for ministry, mission, and all areas of life within the local church and community. Whether you're pursuing a career in ministry, interested in starting a church, or called to serve and lead in any other role in society, our localised partnership with your church or community is specifically designed to meet your needs. 

There are four ways that we can partner with you as your desired outcome and your localised context will impact the option that will be best suited.

What does this practically look like?




Partner with us through our online Leadership Competency modules to help create custom leadership pathways for your church or ministry. These are intentionally designed for flexible and customisable usage to suit your leadership needs. This partnership is with a church that desires to access and create its own online leadership pathways that are facilitated locally (by the church). The cost is minimal for the local church and they can have as many of their leaders accessing the leadership competency modules as they wish. This is an excellent option for local churches and organisations that would like customisable options that they can facilitate in a time and way that suits them.

Partner with us by attending our training (our core training is SHIFTm2M and MyFriends, as well as our Workshops). The registration cost for training is based on per participant, with each training being run in a hybrid design to allow local hubs. Each participant also receives coaching to help them apply all that is being learnt.

Partner with us by signing up too our year-long structured programmes (if an individual) or offering internships and formal training through one of our formal programmes (1, 2 or 4-year programmes). These include the following options:

  1. Leadership Development - Lead Like Jesus | EL Program (1-year programme)

  2. Foundational Ministry Training | The Emerging Leaders Program ( (2-year programme)

  3. Complete Ministry Training | The Emerging Leaders Program ( (4-year programme)


Partner with us by combining 2 or more of the above options to gain a holistic and localised Disciple-Making Leadership multiplication pathway for your church, community or ministry. This is best achieved through connecting with us and discussing your local churches or organisations' needs and desired outcomes for a leadership pathway.


Teen Prayer Group

Romaine Park Christian Centre

“Since becoming the Pastor of Romaine Park Christian Centre in Burnie Tasmania, I have been connecting with Andy Hodgson and The Emerging Leaders Program. I was really encouraged at the intentionality of training and developing a new generation of young leaders within our network. The Emerging Leaders Program has partnered with us in providing training for both our Youth Pastor and our new Assistant minister along with his wife through the Shiftm2M and My Friends training. We will certainly remain engaged with EL and with this training for future prospective younger leaders.”

Image by Debby Hudson

Margate Christian Church

“Helping lead a church can often feel like an isolating and overwhelming experience. That’s why we’ve been so blessed by our partnership with The EL Program. Andy and the team have provided a leadership development pipeline that while flexible and contextualised, also provides participants with resources, voices and a structure that most local churches would struggle to replicate on their own. From a church leader's perspective, The Emerging Leaders Program has been a great blessing and I couldn't recommend it highly enough."

Outdoor Study Group

Soul Community (Church Plant)

“The Emerging Leaders Program has been an empowering journey of discovering my gifts and abilities as a leader. It has enabled me to go deeper in my walk with God, while learning to reflect Christ's life in ministry. I have been challenged yet encouraged and found the training to be practical and applicable to ministry. I am thankful to have been a part of this transforming program.”

How does this help us?...

We desire to see local churches...


We help churches, organisations or individuals identify leaders.


Through our partnership, we help to validate their leadership ability through empowering local leadership pathways.


We equip leaders in an experienced-based journey, as a learning cohort.


In partnership with the church, organisation or individual, we launch the leader into a life of ministry with ongoing supports in place to help them succeed.

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If you would like to begin the process and explore with us what a partnership could look like in your context, we would love to hear from you!

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